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Thread: KDE 4.1 Kicker & entire panel disappeared

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    Default KDE 4.1 Kicker & entire panel disappeared

    I am using opensuse 11.1 & KDE 4.1. Suddenly, the Kicker & entire panel across the bottom of the desktop has disappeared. I tried deleting .KDE & .KDE4 but it did not come back after rebooting. I can add a Kicker Launch widget but that does not give me a panel. Alt+F2 and run Kicker gives a temporary panel which disappears on reboot.
    Any suggestions.


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    Default Re: KDE 4.1 Kicker & entire panel disappeared

    Well deleting or renaming your .kde and .kde4 folders should wipe all your settings out. Although I had this happen where the next time I booted up there was nothing on the screen, just the background. You'll have to build your panel back up manually.

    Right click on your desktop and then click Add Panel.

    Right click on your panel and make sure widgets are unlocked.

    Right click on your panel and add these common widgets:

    Application Launcher
    Task Manager
    System Tray
    Battery Monitor (if using laptop)
    Digital Clock
    Device Notifier

    They don't have to be in that particular order, but those are some of the default widgets depending on whether you use a desktop or laptop.

    Hope this helps!

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