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Thread: Yast2 window does'nt remember size

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    Default Yast2 window does'nt remember size


    i'm running opensuse 11.1, if i resize yast2 windows to my liking and closes it, it wont remember it next time i open it.
    it always falls back to the default size, and its really frustrating.

    any comment on this


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    Default Re: Yast2 window does'nt remember size

    Are you using Gnome or KDE?

    If KDE, then you can right click on the window's top bar thing and select Advanced - Special window settings.

    Then change the options size and position to remember.

    You can do that for each app, and you can change the default placement of windows from the Personal Settings tool, then select window behaviour and then advanced.

    Under placement select whatever you want.

    I think under Gnome you have no option.

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    Default Re: Yast2 window does'nt remember size

    i'm under KDE and it worked!! thanks

    i still think though that(from usability POV) once a user adjust a window size it should be remembered automatically (per application) without going through the special setting.

    thanks again.

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