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Thread: GIMP layer window will not stay focused

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    Default GIMP layer window will not stay focused

    I'm having a problem with GIMP on openSUSE 11.1. Doesn't matter which version, I've had the same problem with every version of 2.6.* and I believed I tried a late 2.4 version as well with the same results. The problem is, every time I open the GIMP it only loads the Toolbox and the main GNU Image Manipulation Program. It's missing the layers, channels, paths dialog. This dialog does load on startup, but it is not initially visible and is effectively minimized. If I click the "toolbox" box in my taskbar it pops up, but only remains there until I click outside of it and it disappears again.

    This is extremely frustrating when you have an image loaded and it only stays there for as long as you don't click anything outside of the box. What is odd is that this particular window ignores any Window Behavior I assign to it (ie: keep above others). I am using KDE 3.5 but had the same problem under the horrible KDE 4.

    I imagine I can't be the only one with this problem. Does anyone have any solutions? Thanks in advance
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