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Thread: Update error with libsndfile-progs

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    Kevin Miller NNTP User

    Default Update error with libsndfile-progs

    I'm running 10.3 and SUSE Updater is telling me there's a package that
    needs updating. I've tried updating it via the updater icon (down by
    the clock in the kicker) and via YaST. Both methods fail with the
    following error.

    "Installation of [S1:1][package]libsndfile-progs-1.0.19-1.1.i586 failed:
    (with --nodeps --force) Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed:
    error: unpacking of archive failed: cpio: Bad magic (with --nodeps
    --force) Error"

    Not sure what's going on there. Hopefully someone here will.


    Kevin Miller
    Juneau, Alaska
    Registered Linux User No: 307357,

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    Smile Re: Update error with libsndfile-progs

    Hi, sorry, I can't help you out with that, but good luck with resolving your problem anyway.

    I'm looking to resolve a different SUSE Updater problem.

    I'm starting to search through the threads to see if my problem has been addressed, and my update installations work fine, or ok, but what happens in my case is after the update install is finished, SUSE Updater looks for, or searches for, updates, says that it found an update, and when I check on it, it's the same update I just installed.

    Well, off to look and see if anyone answered my problem already somewhere within these SUSE Updater threads.

    Good Luck and Have a Great Day,

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    Andy Sipowicz NNTP User

    Default Re: Update error with libsndfile-progs

    6tr6tr, i have NO clue for you..

    but Kevin,

    you just need is:
    - make sure the updater is not running (look at it icon, if it is
    running it pulsates, a little)
    - if it is, wait until it stops..
    - if it does not in (say) 10 minutes, look for it in KSysGuard and
    kill it, then
    - start up YaST and go Software > Online Update, wait for it to
    display the updates it wants to make, and accept NOT go
    crazy and go looking in the list for other stuff...if YaST recommends
    the updates accept them
    - if you are lucky: finished..

    Andy Sipowicz

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