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Thread: Deactivating Online Repositories?

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    Question Deactivating Online Repositories?

    In my discussions with tech support at least a month and a half ago (before I took a small hiatus from Opensuse 11.1... ) I was given the following advice and that is, to solve my problem I should deactivate online repositories before an active internet connection was re-established.

    Just how the heck do I do that?

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    Via YaST -> Software => Software Repositories and go through the list
    highlighting them and unckecking the 'enabled' box, hit the OK button
    when your all done.

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    see this

    It's repository Management
    See the Enabled and Auto refresh check box's - un-check them for the online repo's in question.
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    Cool, I'll print this out and as soon as I get home I'll get right on it. I'll post my progress afterwards.

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