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Thread: Lockup - Initiate Window PIcker for All Windows

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    Default Lockup - Initiate Window PIcker for All Windows

    I just installed the 64bit version of 11.1, and with very minimal effort, got wireless and Compiz effects working on a Compaq V2410us laptop. Couldn't accomplish this with either of 2 flavors of Ubuntu or Fedora this easily. Good job!

    Now for the issue. When I set the top right corner to activate the window picker (Expose' type feature I think), the windows move & resize, the screen darkens slightly, but the desktop & windows become unresponsive. The mousepointer still moves, but ctrl-alt-backspace, ctrl-alt-F1, etc. do nothing. I have to hold the power button down and do a hard restart.

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    Default Re: Lockup - Initiate Window PIcker for All Windows

    Is this kde4?
    If so it sounds like screen edges behavior.

    Try hitting Esc.

    Also if you put your mouse say up to the top left - then click and hold and drag does the cube roll/move?
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    Default Re: Lockup - Initiate Window PIcker for All Windows

    No, it's Gnome. There's a similar thread here. I tried fixing it using links from that thread, but I think I messed some stuff up. I'm actually reinstalling it now, since I didn't have anything configured to begin with.

    When I tried the 1-click install of compiz, I got the same errors as posted here.

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