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Thread: Help installing software

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    Default Help installing software

    Hi I can't install software. When I go to install an .exe file or something it says there are packets missing.

    How do I install stuff? Is windows stuff not compatible? Because that doesn't work, but it might not be because of windows stuff because stuff made for linux doesn't work either in regards to installing/missing packets/whatever.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Also what are good/free antivirus/firewall for linux?


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    Default Re: Help installing software


    Please have a look at these pages:

    How to migrate from Windows - openSUSE

    Concepts - openSUSE

    For antivirus topic, I think this one is a good general one but you can try also a forum search for 'antivirus'.

    Cheers and welcome to linux.

    Short answer: windows apps won't run in linux unless if they run in an emulator like wine - the good red stuff is included.

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    Default Re: Help installing software

    Right, this is not windows so .exe's wont install without help such as Wine.
    The best way to install software in Suse much less any Linux distro is use something called a repository, a repository is a library of packages where you can install apps.
    Also there is one click install that Suse uses to install packages, use this page to get started:

    Search for the application you want and it will offer a installer.
    But note if you weant itunes/winamp/Microsoft office and such it wont work without wine.
    Tell us the apps you use on windows and possibly we can give you a linux alternative.

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    Default Re: Help installing software

    Well I would like Open Office, Trillian (I read there is alternative called Gaim but I can't find out how to download and install it), a firewall and antivirus.


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    OpenOffice should be pre installed on your system.
    And depending on the version you installed we have Pidgin or Kopete as a all in one IM client.
    Firewall and antivirus I would not worry about as much, most linux OS's come with a firewall and this includes Opensuse.
    Antivirus is not needed, there are no real viruses for linux.

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    Default Re: Help installing software

    Thanks I found Kopete!

    I have version 11.1.

    How do I get updates for firefox? Such as flash player etc?

    Or should I just stick with using Konqueror?

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    Updates for firefox should be automatic.
    As for flash if you use this it should install flashplayer for you:
    Multimedia - openSUSE-Community

    it has a link for a installer that comes with flashplayer, use the KDE one if you are using KDE or the Gnome one if using Gnome

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    Default Re: Help installing software

    How do I make my webcam and mic work again?

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    That I am unsure of, some webcams simply wont work in linux and certain kinds of mics might not either.
    Is this a wireless or USB mic?
    The Mic issue possibly can be fixed if we had info as well as the webcam but I imagine the webcam will be harder to setup.

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    Default Re: Help installing software

    Thank you.

    Why does my msn not want to work with kopete?

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