opensuse version 11.1

Due to my pc is modest, I tried to install GNOME and KDE GUI, it is running slowly.

So as installation guide, I chose to install XFCE GUI. Yes, it is running more faster than GNOME/KDE. Then I found a problem when I chose "restart", it operated as log off, likewise chosing "shut down"

I notified on log on screen, on the left bottom of the screen, it shows some parameters are error. When I logged on, if I run bootloader manager, then close it, then a mounting related message will appears.

So I have to shutdown the computer by switching off its power. This cause some time, it doesn't display the bootloader screen. The cursor flashs on the left top of the screen. I have to use the installation DVD to enter "repair mode" then choose "try to boot a installed system" to boot opensuse.

Whether this problem will be solved after performing system update?

Another question, how to modify MAC of a network card in opensuse11.1 KDE/GNOME/XFCE(mainly XFCE), because the IP of the pc is bounded with NIC's MAC, the server defined as not all IP addresses could access the Internet.

Many thanks for offering me the solution.