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Thread: temporary files - system down...

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    I really appreciate everything I am getting. And I do understand the circumstances how you deliver help.

    Although more and more people are turning to open source these days. And they will not only need support but also an understanding they are new...

    I do not expect somebody to hold my hand nor business level help. ... just an understanding I cannot spent a week studying how system works (because I just dont know where to start).

    It could be that(in between my work) I do sth that you benefit from (this is how the new world should work according to open source philosophy: you give me - I give you)

    Yet again, sorry if I said sth wrong, I really appreciate your work. So lets smile, shake our hands and move on to enjoy Suse World.

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    Welcome to linux.

    If you really want to know where to start, I would suggest:

    How to migrate from Windows - openSUSE and

    Concepts - openSUSE

    Though it will not be easy to find your way though the docs here I believe that if you want to use linux / opensuse you need to spend some time with Documentation - openSUSE

    Doing this will help you 'ask the right question' later on.


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