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    Alright because of my little issue with virtualbox on my spare machine where I use a tripleboot of opensuse, ubuntu and XP I have installed Xen to see what it is like.
    But I cant get my head around it, firstly it asks me if I have an OS preinstalled (obviously I have one) or do I need to install one.
    I usually use a VM to test out new distros and such but the way Xen makes it look that if say I run Mandriva in Xen it will actually install mandriva for real.
    I am quite unsure of the info xen gives me, I looked around a bit for a guide but nothing really helpful.

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    err help?
    It will be appreciated

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    Well,with my little knowledge,Xen is the not the most easiest Virtualization technology.But still,u can run a New distro(like Ubuntu (9.04) as Vm without installing it,if u have Cd/DVD which has the OS already installed it.Having said that,Even i`m struggling to build XEn manually in my computer(open suse 11.1)
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