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Thread: Anti-Aliasing--How to Disable?

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    Default Anti-Aliasing--How to Disable?

    I am having problems with Blender 2.48. The interface/screen colors are way off...kind of a "moose poop green" and "cerulian blue".

    The blender site says disabling anti-aliasing might help.

    Does anyone know how to disable anti-aliasing in Xfce4.4?

    And if not in Xfce specifically, then in openSUSE 11.1 in general?


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    Default Re: Anti-Aliasing--How to Disable?

    In all ked versions this setting is done in the fonts config of either the control center for kde3 or the Desktop Config for kde4

    I suggest it may be similar in xfce?!
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    Default Re: Anti-Aliasing--How to Disable?

    Thanks...found it in User Interface Settings.

    Unfortunately, it didn't solve the Blender color issue. Perhaps the Blender Forum.


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