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Thread: very small Opera font

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    Default very small Opera font

    Hi guys,

    I just installed opera browser and I am using OpenSuse 11.1 + KDE 4.2.1 + QT45.

    Opera looks great but the fonts are almost unreadable. Does anybody know how to fix this thing?

    here is the screenshot


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    Default Re: very small Opera font

    You can manually increase the font size using the zoom option (lower right drop box that currently says "100%"), Ctrl-Shift-+ should work as well.

    You can also use: Tools -> Preferences -> Web Pages
    You can change the zoom settings or change the default fonts & sizes [click the name of the font beside the text "Normal font" and "Monospace font" to do so].
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    Tools -> Preferences -> Web Pages seems to fixed it. thanks!

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