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Thread: Linux "Critical Mass" being reached

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    Default Linux "Critical Mass" being reached

    Interesting story in the Independent today about Linux possibly reaching the point of mainstream adoption -> albeit with Ubuntu.

    Is there life after Windows? - Features, Gadgets & Tech - The Independent

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    Default Re: Linux "Critical Mass" being reached

    In the article, 3 of the 4 newcomers that tried Linux had problems with it.

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    Default Re: Linux "Critical Mass" being reached

    "So it's not just a case of it being as good as Windows, because for a large majority of things Linux is actually better..."
    Oh yes the "gandpa" thats what Caleb means too...
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    don't know if ya'll caught this

    Personally, I'd prefer something a little more complex which allows me a greater choice of software.
    i found that amusing, first time i've heard a complaint of not complex enough when it came to linux

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    Default Re: Linux "Critical Mass" being reached

    Ah but that guy thinks that GNOME is Linux. Wait till he discovers that there are other desktop environments. I can see why he would think that GNOME is "too simple", but I can also see merit in the argument that many beginners don't want or need much choice on the desktop. In any case these things are highly customisable.

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    Default Re: Linux "Critical Mass" being reached

    These sort of articles are useful, but only in context. For example, how long did each person use Ubuntu? Maybe I read the article too quickly, but I don't remember the article mentioning that detail.

    Also the author leaves certain issues hanging without addressing the solutions. One of the test users mentions having trouble with codecs...but instead of addressing the issue afterwards the article just ends. If not for the comments box, someone without familiarity with Ubuntu (or other distros) might hold on to the impression of the tester - 'getting codecs is difficult and for IT pros/geeks only'.
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    true enough. i found the article quite amusing all in all. between the lack of details on the testing. the lack of solutions for the issues

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