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Thread: Amarok2 CLI Volume Control

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    So I decided to play with Amarok2 a bit and I rather like it. I do have one issue, though...

    I use Keytouch to manage the extra buttons on my keyboard. In addition to various application plugins, it allows me to issue commands via keypress. I'd like to use this for volume control.

    Generally speaking, I don't change my system volume much. I do, however, like to change the Amarok volume itself a lot. That's why I want to change that volume specifically (the keyboard works well if I wanted to change everythings volume).

    In Amarok 1.X, this was easy through dcop commands... but those are gone now with KDE4/Amarok2.

    So the short version... via DBUS or some other way, how can I change Amarok2 volume via some sort of command?

    Thanks in advance!

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    HAve you tried dcop ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christophe_deR View Post
    HAve you tried dcop ?
    lol. I appreciate the response, but as I said in my post, that's how I used to do it with Amarok1, but there aren't any such commands with Amarok2.

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    I think, that you are, like me, confronted with the big difference between KDE3 with arts and KDE4 with phonon. I never touch the system volume either, got used to adjust that via the app that's producing the sound.

    AFAIK KDE4 4.3 will provide extended phonon possibilities; from then we could have equalizers etc.
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