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Thread: KDE and GNOME clash on my system

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    Default KDE and GNOME clash on my system

    I was using openSuSE KDE4.2 till now and am quite happy with it. Now, I just thought of giving gnome a try. SO yesterday night I installed gnome for my opensuse 11.1 without removing the KDE4.2.

    Then, I logged into gnome, installed compiz. Now, when I logged into my KDE4.2 desktop I got a "kde4-widow-decorator" crash. What that meant was that I had lost my window borders(The plave where we have got maximize, minimize and close buttons). I logout and logged in, restarted my laptop but still the problem persisted. Then I tried to find the if any one else has got the same problerm. The net is abduntant with such users who have faced the same problem. One person has even created a bug fix for it (which I did not understand).Bug 1037 – patch for kde4-window-decorator compilation fails

    Then I found a user who has faced the similar problem and found a solution which I could understand .Compiz windows focus problem - openSUSE Forums

    He had fixed this problem by executing "emerald --replace", but he had to do it every time he logged in. I tried this thing and it worked. But the color of the window border has changed now.

    My question:

    Is it not advised to have gnome and KDE side by side? Should I remove the gnome (As I prefer KDE for now). Is it better to install gnome and KDE on two different partitions?

    Any help will be appreciated

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    Default Re: KDE and GNOME clash on my system

    One more thing, the Compiz settings I did for gnome have taken effect for my KDe also...

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    Default Re: KDE and GNOME clash on my system

    And, Is there way to remove gnome DE entirely??

    I am not able to do that from Yast......

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    Default Re: KDE and GNOME clash on my system

    OK, Instead of emerald -- replace, I did "kwin --replace" and that got my settings back. But I have to put "kwin --replace" in my .bashrc.

    But this is just a work around, what is the real problem !

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    Default Re: KDE and GNOME clash on my system

    every time i install both and try to use both i have problems with
    SOMETHING...i think next time i do a new install i will make a
    different user for EACH windows manager i want to try, and SEE if the
    window manager of one user will will not interfere with the others..


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