Okay, so once I had everything figured out, everything was working on my laptop smoothly, I go and mess it up, but it still really doesn't make any sense.

I just bought an Eee 1000HE and the screen displays at a maximum of 1024x600 resolution, and needless to say, that leaves a bit to be desired, especially because the Virtualization tools in Yast (among other dialog screens) don't resize, so I can't click 'Next' or anything; they're hidden below the end of the screen.

So, I tried changing the resolution in Sax2 and it worked, as far as I could tell, I could see the dialogs at the bottom of the screen (everything was tiny, but that's to be expected). After I finished I used Sax2 again to revert back to the old 1024x600 resolution, and the fonts were displayed... tiny.

Nothing in my fonts settings had changed at all, and when I try to change it to make it more readable, one thing or another was left out, when I force DPI in the configuration menu, Firefox fonts displayed correctly, but popup dialogs, like a sudo prompt, would be huge. The login screen, context menus, everything has changed because I changed my resolution once, and I can't get it back; one thing or another is either too readable or completely unreadable, reverting back to the default in the KDE menu makes everything tiny again.

My questions: is there a way for Yast or Sax2 to probe my system configuration as it did during install and adjust the settings to their original default? How/why did this happen, and what can I do to prevent it next time? How does everyone view windows that are too tall for the screen and won't resize ?

Thanks for the help.