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Thread: problem with cairo dock!!

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    Question problem with cairo dock!!

    hi guys,
    ok i am a newbe so please apologize lol

    i installed the cairo dock n i really love it but it has that stupid background, like its all black which looks really ugly!!! i am using ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series] graphics card and i heard i have to enable something first on the graphic card and than change something in the cairo dock settings, is that right? and what do i have to do? please detailed with all the commands lol, i dont know much bout linux yet...

    and how can i set cairo-dock to be opened automatically every time i start up my machine? i reaad about something like that too but i did not quite get it

    thanks already

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    Default Re: problem with cairo dock!!

    Did you see this thread?

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    Red face Re: problem with cairo dock!!

    i did but i am using gnome and i dont know what compiz is sorry

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    compiz is a composite window mananger that replaces KWin or the window manager that you're using in gnome.

    Here is how to install ATI drivers and how to get Compiz to work (you need to install it first from a community repository first)

    CyberOrg ATI 8.433/7-11 on openSUSE - Howto

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