hey does anyone knew how to put control in specific print jobs from CUPS, http://localhost:631 whenever i am printing there is no control buttons (cancel job, hold job, release job, move job, reprint job) that appears in specific print job..i already added this line in my cups.conf "cups option = raw, job-hold-until-indefinite" but still, no control buttons that appeared

this is the scenario that i need:
I needed a print queue to enable administrator to control other users print jobs. Every print job that will send to the printer shows up in CUPS server interface. Each job listing shows the user who sent the job, the name of the document, and a time stamp. Each job has a green "release job" button. The job will not print until this green button is clicked by the administrator. Also the administrator can cancel any unwanted jobs.

how will i do that??i badly needed it for our project..

thank you..