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    Default unstable compiz

    Hi there,

    I am quite new to Linux but so far I make a huge progress in understanding and get knowning about the system.

    However i faced some issues with compiz the last couple of days.

    I installed openSuse on my Lenovo Notebook T61p with 4GB RAM and everything works quite fine. I was able to set up avant windows manager in combination with compiz on a Nvidia Geforce Quadro 570 graphical interface. So far so good. When I boot my notebook I can work and AWN is doing exactly what it supposed to do

    2 Days ago I installed also VirtualBox. Since then I have a strange behaving of compiz.

    When I start VirtualBox compiz is just continuing doing its job on the system. When I close VirtualBox, AWN is just terminating and a Popup Window appears which says:

    Warning: Screen isn't composited. Please run compiz (-fusion) or another compositing manager.

    All I can do is then re-boot my computer, or start compiz manually. But even the manual startup does not bring the system in the state it used to be before I started Virtual Box (screenlets are broken and still look funny after re-start compiz).

    As I wrote I am running openSuse 11.1 64bit, Nvidia Quadro 570 M graphic card with Nvidia Graphic driver for Gforce 6xxxx or newer CPU 180.29_2.6.27.18_0.3-0.1, AWN 0.3.2, compiz 0.7.8-9.1 and VirtualBox 2.1.4-8.5.

    I tried to re-install everything but still no change in the behaving of my sytem.



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    Default Re: unstable compiz

    The Warning you told us here seems to be caused by some broken parts of compiz...

    Id recommend you to do the following: Save your VB-Box. UNINSTALL VirtualBox AND Compiz Fusion completely.
    Do a clean reboot and install VirtualBox FIRST. Reboot. Then install Compiz Fusion and reboot again. Long way to go - but it should work.

    Please report back - glad to have you here.


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    Default Re: unstable compiz

    Thanks for the warm welcome .

    I did what you recommended this morning. Unfortunately nothing changed. I still get the termination of compiz when I close VBox.

    Could there be a version conflict?

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    Default Re: unstable compiz

    Please tell us which version of NVIDIA and compiz you are using. As far as I know there an error were compiz crashed on virtualbox on ubuntu, but that was 2008 and has been fixed by now.
    Ive tried to reproduce your error, but as for me everything works flawlessly...


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    Default Re: unstable compiz

    I've currently intalled compiz 0.7.8-9.1 (x86_64) with the following additional packages (for some them I don't even know if they are required however all of are available in the latest version of open SUSE 11.1):

    - compiz-bcop (0.7.8-1.21 (x86_64))
    - compiz-branding-openSUSE (0.7.8-9.1 (x86_64))
    - compiz devel (0.7.8-9.1 (x86_64))
    - compiz-emerald (0.7.8-2.4 (x86_64))
    - compiz-emerald-devel (0.7.8-2.4 (x86_64))
    - compiz-emerald-themes (0.6.0-1.53)
    - compiz-fusion-plugins-extra (0.7.8-2.13 (x86_64))
    - compiz-fusion-plugins-extra-devel (0.7.8-2.13 (x86_64))
    - compiz-fusion-plugins-main (0.7.8-2.13 (x86_64))
    - compiz-fusion-plugins-main-devel (0.7.8-2.13 (x86_64))
    - compiz-gnome (0.7.8-9.1 (x86_64))
    - compiz-kde (0.7.8-9.1 (x86_64))
    - compiz-manager (0.0.1_git080201-52.1)
    - compiz-plugins-dmx (0.1.0-8.7 (x86_64))
    - compizconfig-settings-manager (0.7.8-1.42 (x86_64))
    - libcompizconfig (0.7.8-1.44 (x86_64))
    - libcompizconfig-backend-gconf (0.7.8-1.42 (x86_64))
    - libcompizconfig-devel (0.7.8-1.44 (x86_64))
    - python-compizconfig (0.7.8-1.44 (x86_64))
    - simple-ccs (0.7.8-11.6 (x86_64))

    Initially I've installed way less packages. But after the re-install I thought I might have missed some packages so I just installed all of them which made somehow sense to me.

    The Nvidia Drivers have the following version (as I mentioned above I have the Nvidia Gforce 570 Quadro Graphical interface):

    - nvidia-gfxG02-kmp-default (180.29_2.6.27.18_0.3-0.1 (x86_64))
    - x11-video-nvidiaG2 (180.29-0.1 (x86_64))

    Thanks for your help.


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    Default Re: unstable compiz

    I solved the problem. Since this morning I can open and close the Virtual Box without any issues. Compiz is running much mor stable now.

    After you asked me about the Version numbers of my packages I got suspicious about that. So I was searching for a newer version of compiz. I found a repository which I added to the software installer.

    So I just upgraded compiz to the version 0.7.8-46.1 (before 0.7.8-9.1).

    Thanks anyway for your replies.

    Cheers joe

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    Default Re: unstable compiz

    No Problem - thats why we are here. Dont forget to press the "Reputation-Button" if you want to give people your appreciation.


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