Hey guys i've always been really really interested in giving open suse a go but there are somethings that really push me away from a new system. So i'd like to ask you guys for recommendations on such issues.

Office apps.

I've always used ms office and i'm not really interested in open office, can i run ms office well in wine?

Photoshop, adobe etc.

I'm a developer (not a designer) but i use photoshop ocasionally and fireworks as well. Again i've seen people doing amazing things with gimp but i've decided gimp just isn't for me. How well will these applications run on wine or they won't at all?

Visual Studio, Sql Server and so on.

I work with C# but have no idea what to expect of .NET development in linux anyone could kindly clarify what is possible? Or will i have to keep an image of xp handy and run some virtual machine program?
What is the best virtual machine app for open suse and how well does it support dirext x?

I'm sorry all of this may sound really pessimistic. But i've had a different version of linux before and besides being very fast i think linux is very promissing.

I can't wait for chrome to be released to linux users as well.

One last question haha can i run counter strike in open suse? i know its old but i love it!

Kind Regards

Marcio Cattini