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Thread: Migrating from windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregosmith View Post
    If you really want to use Linux for trying stuff out. Dual boot may be an option.
    That's precisely what I'd recommend. Use Linux for Internet work, because it's FAR more secure. (And less annoying.) (And less prone to spamware and adware.) (And so on.)

    You'll have the aggravation of needing to reboot into Windows for the other applications, but hey, that's just a good time to go fetch a fresh cup of coffee while it boots up.

    I agree about Visual Studio, by the way. That's the one thing I miss the most in Linux. KDevelop is getting there, but it's still light years behind VS. The ability to add a dialog, click on the button and be taken directly to the code that services the click, etc., etc. ... KDevelop doesn't even come CLOSE.

    And no, I don't think it will run under Wine.

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    Default Re: Migrating from windows

    Something interesting I find. I do have a proper HD install of XP on my box which I booted recently after 12 months or so. Yuck.
    Anyway, my point. I have XP in VBox too. It boots so much quicker than my HD install. It's supper quick and doesn't slow down suse.
    Will photoshop and the like not run well in VBox? I don't use them myself - So just interested to know. Does maybe the graphics driver in VBox pose limits?
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    Photoshop up to cs2 works well with wine as does office (i have 2007 but not everything works) more works with y2k

    Visual studio does not work but you can run it in a virtual machine as you can the other apps you mentioned.

    As for C# you can use mono Main Page - Mono

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    Default Yes, stay with Windows

    Basically, you initial posting reads: Im just fine with Windows. If you go Linux, you will certainly experience some inconvenience and frustrations.

    You say, your reason of converting to Linux is:
    for speed of course
    In such a case, it would be wiser to find and install Windows 2000 that performs lightning fast on more or less modern hardware.

    can i run ms office well in wine?
    Bare MS Office will run with wine, and youll be able to do most of normal text/spreadsheet/presentation editing tasks. However, if you use third-party add-ons to Microsoft Office or just use some complicated VBA macros, its highly probable, that they will not run.

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