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Thread: Graphics Test in Sax2 Broken

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    Default Graphics Test in Sax2 Broken

    Hi, I am trying to sort out destop image on new installation and have been using Yast> Hardware> Graphics Card and Monitor to adjust screen resolution etc.

    It has worked previously but now when I select OK having adjusted the resolution and then select the Test Screen option, I get the positional and size controls offered but none function.

    My problem is that the desktop is off one edge of the screen. If I use the monitor controls to centralize it, then when I go to another machine using KVM switch, the image is off to the right.

    Anybody else had this problem. It did work at first but not any more.


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    Default Re: Graphics Test in Sax2 Broken

    I did have this problem a while ago. I THINK it was when I was using the opensource nv driver before I changed to nvidia's proprietary driver.

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    On a new install, I always change the monitor to whatever size I want my screen to be and when I log off and then back on it's the right size. I never worry about resolution.

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