I've some problems to install a Content Management System. I always get the message that the tokenizer extension is'n't installed or is disabled.
I'm using a virtual server with SuSE 10.1 and PHP 5.1.2 pre-installed but probably without tokenizer.
So I installed the package "php5-tokenizer" via rug. Now there's a file named tokenizer.so in /usr/lib64/php5 directory and tokenizer.ini in /etc/php5/conf.d which includes the .so-library with the extension tag. The command "php5 --re tokenizer" generates a correct output so I think that the tokenizer extension is now installed.
But during the installation of CMS, the extension is still not known. A restart of Apache also didn't help. If I type "php5 -m" on console, the tokenizer module is correctly listed but in phpinfo() there's no tokenizer found.
I've absolutely no idea there the problem is. I hope somebody can help me.

Thanks a lot,