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    Unhappy panel looks

    just getting into suse and trying to learn. have suse 11.0 w/ kde4.2. running glassified as my desktop theme. most of the panel follows that theme except for the the small box (sorry, don't know the name off hand) that keeps the icons for updater, klipper, and my wifi connection. that box is black, but my wallpaper is blue. no icons can be seen in box, and nothing happens when i click on it either left or right click. any help? i think it might have something to do with plasma, but not sure. thanks in advance.

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    The same problem at my desktop right now!

    I have tried to create new profiles. Deleting the KDE folder. Followed a guide to reset Plasma. Upgraded KDE release to "104".

    Nothing so far has solved the issue...

    This occurred under KDE 4.2.1 "103" when a VLC installation downgraded some libs. Nothing harmful was my first thought but they were needed so I upgraded them again to make the desktop work proper... except from the icons for the background programs...

    Some one who knows how to manually tweak this?

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    mine is 1 big black box. forgot to mention that the icons were there before i switched to glassified. after switch, instantly gone.

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    Dare we ask what happens if you switch back to say oxygen or slim-glow?

    You could try

    kquitapp plasma && rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma* && plasma &
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