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Thread: ktorrent takes too much cpu speed

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    Default ktorrent takes too much cpu speed

    ktorrent takes up to 60% cpu speed while kget on the same conditions only 7%.
    this is on kde 4.2.1 with latest ktorrent but the same problem present with earlier versions also

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    Default Re: ktorrent takes too much cpu speed

    KGet and Ktorrent are two very different beasts.
    Kget only downloads from one source per file. Ktorrent downloads and uploads simultaneously from/to many sources, sometimes having to manage hundreds of connections depending on the torrent's number of seeds / leeches and on your configuration. That takes a lot of resources, in CPU cycles and in RAM.

    You can set this in ktorrent's setup. Relevant settings are:
    - max # of (simultaneous file) downloads
    - max # of (simultaneous file) uploads
    - max connections per torrent
    - max connections global
    - # of upload spaces

    Any major torrent site will have a FAQ explaining these settings, do a search.

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