Well, we've been running SuSE 11.1 for about a few weeks now, and my son had complained previously about the computer spontaneously shutting down when he went to certain game websites. Many of you were helpful in identifying this as overwhelmed on-board graphics... so, we put in a graphics card... a Sapphire card with ATI/AMD linux support.

NOW, when we boot the machine normally, it does not go to the graphic interface, but rather goes to the UGLY BLACK SCREEN (UBS), with a prompt for login. Even when I log in, I don't seem to be able to get KDE to come back to life.

How do I get this machine back to going straight to graphic interface? This machine is supposed to be a Linux project for me to learn how to use the OS, as well as a primary computer for my 11 yo son. I haven't dealt with the UBS since the time of DOS, but it is familiar to me. Not so for my little guy.