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Thread: KnetworkManager Will Not Start (KDE)

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    Angry KnetworkManager Will Not Start (KDE)

    I recently installed kde to opensuse 11.1. I have been using Gnome, and I was able to connect to my wireless router right away. In kde, I press alt>F2 and I run the KnetworkManager from their. when I click it, nothing happens, and no applets appear in the taskbar. I tried running it from the terminal, and it makes me run it as root. I do this, and again, nothing happens. I appreciate all help, I am ready to rip my hair out...

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    If you're using KDE 4.2.x then you want to use the Network Management applet.

    Right click on your panel then click Add Widgets scroll down to the Network Management applet and then choose Add Widget.

    Also, I couldn't get it to work without having to use KWalletManager.

    If you want the old knetwork manager just go into Yast>>Software Management and search for "Knetwork" or "Network Manager". Download NetworkManager-kde

    You should be able to use KnetworkManager now (this one doesn't need KWalletManager to work).
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    Using Kwallet doesn't bother me. In fact, it adds an extra layer of protection. However, I keep getting multiple incidences of the plasma network widget on the bottom panel. KDE3 Knetworkmanager is in systray. They seem to play well together except for the multiple (sometimes as many as 5 will appear on restart) widgets and the fact that wireless does not start automatically upon wakeup or on login. Maybe that is by design??

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