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    Exclamation Bothersome Evolution Error

    Hi Everyone,

    I've had a little error creep into Evolution Mail on me, and I'd really like to get rid of it. The error is, and I quote, "Error while Storing folder 'inbox'." When I click the error icon to get more information about the error, the popup window explains "Detected a corrupt mbox file or an invalid 'From' header". Please could somebody help me clear this up. I get similar errors, like when I try to apply my filters, I get "Error while filtering Selected Messages.", but when I click on them, they all report the same "Detected a corrupt mbox file or an invalid 'From' header", so the error is there. I'm thinking its the mbox, rather than an invalid "from" header, but I don't know what this file is, or what I should do to fix it. Please help. Thanks.

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    Umm.. Hello... Anyone???

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    > BUMP!!
    > Umm.. Hello... Anyone???

    when no one answers here that usually means no one here has an answer...

    so, maybe you could go over to the Evolution forum on the Novell side
    (Novell owns Evolution) and find someone who CAN answer your
    questions, try

    and, i'd advise you to use their search function
    <> *before* you post your question
    (you did search here, right? if not, maybe the answer has been sitting
    and waiting for you to discover it for a whole week..)


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    Thanks for the link to the evolution forum. Now I'll surely get the info and assistance that I need. I'll post the solution here when I find/get it.

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