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Thread: mp4 support in Banshee

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    Default mp4 support in Banshee

    Big fan of Banshee, but I also want to use it to watch some mp4 videos I have on my computer.

    What do I need to install / do to make this work?

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    Default Re: mp4 support in Banshee

    This is a wild guess as I don't have Banshee in front of me but most likely you'll need gstreamer-0_10-plugins-bad.

    You should be able to find it in YAST.

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    Default Re: mp4 support in Banshee

    nope, I have the gstreamer packs bad, good, ugly installed and that's not it. Not that big of a deal, I'll just use VLC to play them, but it would be nice if I could get them to work in Banshee, too.

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