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Thread: KDE4.2.1; Konqueror backtrack?

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    Graham P Davis NNTP User

    Default KDE4.2.1; Konqueror backtrack?

    I've just noticed that my installed version of Konqueror (KDE4) is later
    than the available one - 4.2.1-75.5 as against 74.1. What's that all about?
    Why the backtrack?

    When I click on help-about it says it's "release 108" of 4.2.1 of Konqueror.

    Graham P Davis, Bracknell, Berks., UK. E-mail: newsman not newsboy

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    Default Re: KDE4.2.1; Konqueror backtrack?

    I noticed the change today when I downloaded the updates for 4.2.1. Checked again later this morning and the updates now shown on the repo are a version before.

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    Default Re: KDE4.2.1; Konqueror backtrack?

    almost 50 files are now older than yesterday - why? I know not

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