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Thread: x-nautilus-desktop could not be found

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    Default x-nautilus-desktop could not be found

    Im getting this message at start up sometimes:

    x-nautilus-desktop could not be found. perhaps it has recently been deleted.

    When I get this my trash can and username folder will not show on my desktop. Also the loading mousing cursor will not go away when I have it on the desktop. If its on a window it will go away. How do I fix this? I went into root and did: "-r (location of the Opensuse and help icon on the desktop)"
    I did this to get rid of those icons and this problem started after I ran that command.

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    Default Re: x-nautilus-desktop could not be found


    anyway I can replace these icons/directory?

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    jasonwyz98 NNTP User

    Cool Re: x-nautilus-desktop could not be found


    Have the same issues, any suggestions?


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    Aen_Seidhe NNTP User

    Default Re: x-nautilus-desktop could not be found

    Hi, guys. I had this problem too and I solved it ^_^ U can delete any data, but DON'T TOUCH folders so... Create two new folders on Desktop or as you wish and then copy to this location /usr/share/dist
    Folders names: desktop-files and icons
    in terminal it'll look like this:
    name@linux-qa35:~> su
    linux-qa35:/home/name # cp -r /home/your_name/Desktop/icons /usr/share/dist
    linux-qa35:/home/aen # cp -r /home/your_name/Desktop/desktop-files /usr/share/dist

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    mdmalik NNTP User

    Default Re: x-nautilus-desktop could not be found

    This either does nothing or I don't understand what you mean. You seem to be asking us to create these folders on the desktop and then copy them to that location, but what does that accomplish? I tried it anyway, and just as I suspected, it does nothing at all except to place two empty directories in two places. This bug is extremely annoying. Anyone opensuse or gnome devs out there listening to us? Did I mention this is extremely annoying?

    One way to "fix" it is to create a whole new user account and copy over all the data, and then spend hours getting the desktop to look and feel the way it used to. Fun solution!

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