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Thread: Quicklaunch and KDE 4.2

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    Question Quicklaunch and KDE 4.2

    Just wondering...if I'm the only one that the quicklaunch plasmoid as shipped with KDE 4.2 misbehaves from about version 4.2.0-85?

    To put things in context, I have one panel at the bottom with the quichlauncher on the far left. Next to it is the pager and then the task-manager, followed by playwolf, the device notifier and the systray.

    The quicklauncher is configured for 3 rows and a maximum of 30 icons. Prior to 4.2.85 that was no problem. The icons in the quicklauncher rearranged themselves as they should. However, now they don't (currently using build 102). As soon as there are more than three "shortcuts" defined, the icons gets squashed down so much that they're essentially just dots - thus making it impossible to see which icon is which.

    It seems as if there is some sort of conflict if I have the quicklauncher and the task-manager in the same panel, since it works as it should if I remove the task-manager (which is not really an option).

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    it's not just you, the widget went south as you say, after either release 85 or 88.

    to me it seems like the routine for resizing the containment is fubar, instead of making the containment larger as you add icons, the size remains the same and forces the icons smaller... probably not difficult to fix, but i expect there have been other things more pressing.

    like you, i used it and hope they get it updated soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_xavier View Post
    it's not just you, the widget went south as you say, after either release 85 or 88.
    Well, no matter which release: I filed a bug report on it.

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