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Thread: Internet Explorer in Wine

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    Default Internet Explorer in Wine

    Hi All, I am trying to run some of our web applications, which are specifically developed having MS IE in mind, through wine on Suse Linux.

    I am just concerned that is there any license obligations to MS if we use IE or some IE related dll files in wine...???

    The idea is to reduce the MS licenses and we're that even after running the IE in Wine does it require any MS license...??

    Thanks in Advance.


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    Default Re: Internet Explorer in Wine

    The developer of ies4Linux has an explanation of licensing issues here:

    Legal notices - IEs4Linux

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    Default Re: Internet Explorer in Wine

    I see from that site's installation page for Suse that they use "rug", is that still valid in current versions of openSUSE? Oh, it's for SLED 10.

    Is IEs4Linux available in the openSUSE repositories?

    Installation:Suse - IEs4Linux

    Instructions for SLED 10 from Novell.

    Step 1 - Add the Wine repository and package:

    rpm --import
    rug sa Index of /repositories/Emulators:/Wine/SLE-10 "Wine Repository"
    rug sub "Wine Repository"
    rug install wine

    Step 2 - Insure cabextract is installed:

    rug install cabextract

    NOTE: cabextract is usually installed by default, it may return a message which states it is already installed or no new version is available.

    Step 3 - Download and run IEs4Linux:

    tar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
    cd ies4linux-*
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    Default Re: Internet Explorer in Wine

    If you have an XP install CD consider using Virtual Box. You need a decent amount of RAM too. 1GB+
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