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    Default 3 quick questions....

    First off I am a n00b at linux. I've only had it installed for three days soooo...

    #1.) Wireless connectivity
    I have a wifi router in the other room and I have no problems connecting in... Suse reads it fine, but every once and a while it will cut speed to about 1/8th instead of full strength. In windows It runs at about 85 to 95 percent and my firefox/konqueror runs really slow. It isn't that far away and was wondering if there was a way to receive a better signal

    #2.) Cube desktop switcher doesn't work
    I've installed the driver for my NVIDIA 9650M GT graphics card but when I set the desktop to switch in cube mode the screen does this fading thing like its going to work then just freezes. I have to press escape to get out of it. Plus most desktop effects have a habit of slowing down opensuse A LOT. It shouldn't since It is a fairly new computer.... ASUS M70 Series M70VN-X1 NoteBook Intel Core 2 Duo T9400(2.53GHz) 17.0" Wide UXGA 4GB Memory 320GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce 9650M GT.

    #3.) Konsole
    I was wondering about why when I start konsole it has my username with a @linux-u8j6 after it and if there was any way of changing that. Plus if anyone has some good links to some konsole information sites it would be appreciated.

    Sooo not really quick questions, but like I said I'm a noob and I'm really wanting to learn linux and get used to it so I can throw windows in the trash. Any help is appreciated!!!
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    Default Re: 3 quick questions....

    1. Wireless
    Is a tricky one, especially when we have no idea what device your laptop uses. For the FF speed issue - try disabling IPv6 in Network Settings/Devices

    2. Compiz
    I'm guessing KDE
    Make sure your window manager is 'kwin'
    Enable the effects in Desktop 'All effects'
    Make sure you have this setting:

    3. Konsole
    In Network settings (same area as IPv6) you can change the host name.
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