We have several data crunching openSuSE 10.3 computers. Users submit "at" jobs and wait for the result. The atd daemon stores the job output in the /var/spool/atspool directory with permissions that only allow root to read them (600). This is a problem because the people submitting the jobs often need to monitor the progress. (It is even helpful to see each others jobs in progress.) Right now we need to give out the root password to all users to be able to monitor the jobs. It would be much better if the umask of atd could be changed to allow anyone to read the output files. I tried putting umask in a .bash_profile file in the /var/spool/atjobs (this is the default home directory of the user "at". I also tried putting the umask command in the /etc/init.d/atd file's start section. (Then I stopped and started atd.) Neither of these ideas worked.