I'm running KDE 4.2 on 11.1 and have noticed two issues:

1) I'm using HPLIP for my HP printer and everytime I log into my KDE session I have a HP icon on my desktop instead of the systray. There is also a HP-Toolbox entry in the task manager.
The problem seems to be, that I am using an autohide option for the systray (HP icon is set to be hidden) - if I click on the arrow to show hidden icons, the HP icon automagically moves from the desktop into the tray.
There is also no problem for other users with no autohide option set.

It's not a big issue, but perhaps someone knows how to correct it...

2) If I use ARK for whatever reason, the next time I log into a KDE session I get an empty ARK window displayed (and by empty I mean just the title bar and empty window with no icons). Closing this window produces an error message about the ARK crashing.

Any remedy for this?