I have a got a very peciular problem since the last few days. I have installled my openSUSE 11.1 four times in the last four days. All because my "knetworkmanager" all of a sudden stops working and I do not why!

Everything is work but when I reboot by laptop, "knetworkmanager" does not start. The "workoffline" option in firefox in this case should have been "tick marked" but it is not. And I do not know how to get my networkmanager working again.

I try system repair with opensuse dvd but it does not help. I have to reinstall everything again.

What I am doing is - I install opensuse 11.1 KDE 4.1 version. After that I install monodevelop, sqldeveloper, oracle 11g and few other softwares and create a .bashrc file. The contents of .bashrc file are:

test -z "$PROFILEREAD" && . /etc/profile || true

test -s ~/.alias && . ~/.alias || true
alias lis='ls -lAtr';
alias his=history;
alias list='lis | tail -20';
alias lise='ps -Af | grep vivek | grep -v grep';
alias PWD=pwd;
alias cls=clear;
alias gcw='gcc -w';
export projects=$HOME/Projects;
alias prj='cd $projects';
#Some people don't like fortune. If you uncomment the following lines,
# you will have a fortune each time you log in ;-)

if [ -x /usr/bin/fortune ] ; then

I am really afraid to do anything on my system now becasue I do not know what wrong am I doing. And I do not know how to get my knetworkmanager working. On the top of it if I cannot connect to web I will not be able to find any solutions either...

Please help...