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Thread: Compiz issues...

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    When compiz is on, in OpenOffice writer, I have glitches with the blinking cursor not rendering properly (leaving trails), and scrolling too fast causes compiz to crash.

    Also, closing apps like VLC, SMPlayer and Amarok causes compiz to crash.

    When using expo and dragging a window, the screen sort of goes blank. The same thing happens while trying to drag windows from one workspace to the next when the cube would normally turn over.

    Any help?

    BTW: I'm using a Nvidia 9800GT, openSUSE 11

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    I have similar problems, but haven't figured out it this is compiz or plasma desktop issue. However plasma is writen in Qt, if I'm informed well, and when Qt 4.5 is released, it should be in a month or two, some plasma issues should be fixed.

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