I just did a fresh install of 11.1 and KDE 4.2
When I try to play flash content such as videos, or even scrolling through streetview on google maps, the machine locks up tight. It's DEAD to the universe. Nothing will get it back except pressing the reset button.

This happens frequently. Several times a day. Oh, and the latest firefox. CNN.com videos are the worst, I can not play them at all Konqueror and in FF they totally lock the machine up. I used to have to play them in Galeon on Suse 10.3...

The locking up started with when they went to flashplayer 10 and was doing it when I was using Suse 10.3 and flashplayer 10. Same thing on Suse 11.1

The other thing that annoys me to no end, the screen saver is broken and I can not make it work right.
It was working just fine on this clean installation until I tried to watch video on cnn.com
The machine locked up. I had to press the reset button. When it rebooted, that was it, the screen saver will no longer kick in by itself. I have to go into desktop settings and click a few things, anything at all, then click APPLY and ok for the screen saver to work. And that's ONLY for the current session, once I log out I have to do it all over again.

Suse 10.3 did the SAME THING. The stupid screen saver was broken for more than a year and I had to do the same exact thing everytime I logged in to get it to work.

Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to fix this stupid thing?

Thank you!