This must be simple but I can't get it to work in 11.1.
I have a software mirrowed pair of disks that have my music and photos stored.

Not wishing to leave all to the mirror, I also have external usb drives that contain backup copies of the mirrowed data. As I add new albums and pictures all the time, I thought I want an incremental backup so that just the new stuff gets backed up.

I thought RSYNC would be great for this, so of to the Linux in a Nutshell book for the the parameters.

The command I tried is this:

rsync -av /nas/music/* --backup-dir=/media/Backup/music

The backup media already has most of the music on it, I just wanted the new stuff to be archived. Looking at the terminal I see all the music flying past my eyes including the new stuff, but when I check the backup directory none of the new stuff exists.

I must have the command line set incorrectly, can someone please put me straight.