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Thread: How to Rip Audio Cds in KDE 4, openSuse 11.1

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    Default How to Rip Audio Cds in KDE 4, openSuse 11.1

    Some of us are having issues ripping CDs with K3B, or even via the file manager on our KDE 4.2-only systems.

    My suggestion is to use Audex, which is a simple but effective CD ripper for KDE4. It does everything most folks would want, has a good "wizard" at first launch to set things up, and appears to be a native KDE application.

    I like easy selection of FLAC or three levels of MP3 quality: mobile,good and perfect.

    It is available from the Build Service. Search for "Audex" and click on the One-Click installer.

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    Default Re: How to Rip Audio Cds in KDE 4, openSuse 11.1

    I'm not aware of any such issues and my kde4.2 only is just fine. k3b is easy and quick.
    It's good that you found something that suits you - there is plenty of choice out there.

    Don't be surprised if this thread is moved to chitchat, because it's not really a question, and I wouldn't exactly call it a HowTo.
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