that problem is a bit strange:

I own an old USB mp3 player which seems to play the files sorted as they were copied to it and not sorted by name. I didn't realize this so far since always when I copied files to it they were copied sorted by name using my old notebook (Suse 8.1). Now on my new notebook I installed everything I need to rip and copied the files to the stick. I don't know why but the Suse 11.1 doesn't copy them name by name but in a different order. E.g. it copied the files ripped from one CD like this: track14, track10, track7, track3 ... Seems to be random but it isn't cause its always the same order. I think that is a sofisitcated access to the hd or whatever. The file system is ext3 (but this also happens with reiserfs on my desktop system). I tried konquerer and mc.

The problem is that now the stick plays track14 first, then track10 ... First I thought that the stick was broken or my lil boy messed it up and set it to random play but it is always the same. So I tried it out and copied the files one by one. After that the order was correct. So that's why I think that the problem is the stick. Is there any way to tell any file manager under linux to copy the files ordered by name?