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Thread: KDE4.2: Application Launcher Menu disappeared

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    Cool KDE4.2: Application Launcher Menu disappeared

    using openSuSE 11.1 I've actually got a problem as a consequence of an mplayer crash:

    (I also have a problems with some of the german TV channels using kaffeine. Although the quality is very bad I tried a short recording in order to analyse if it's possible.) When I doubleclicked at the icon mplayer started and crashed.((kaffeine can display the video but quality is again bad.)) Trying to simply abort mplayer wasn't possible. So I wanted to start xterm and kill it. By moving the mouse to the controll bar a grey shadow came over it. I'm not shure if I did click somewhere at all...
    Suddenly there was hint: "Are you shure that you want to delete the controll bar?" (or similar.) I noticed that the Application Launcher Menu was already missing and logged out and in again.
    Would someone be so kind to tell me how I can get it back?

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    Default Re: KDE4.2: Application Launcher Menu disappeared

    Unlock the panel/taskbar whatever you want to call it Make is so it is adjustable and you can see the 'add widgets' and add 'application launcher'

    N.B. If you are using kde4.1.3 it may be slightly different but that's the gist of it.
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