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Thread: Kile for 4.2,auto-mount, font, log in

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    Default Kile for 4.2,auto-mount, font, log in

    Hi ,
    I installed new system from OS 11.1 KDE 4.2 liveCD weeks ago and I like it a lot. But just a few questions.
    1. I have installed Kile. It is only KDE 3 version available in official reps. I cannot see terminal window there. Then I suppose to add some more KDE 3 packages to run it correctly. Do you know whether there is any Kile for KDE 4 package available in opensuse reps? Or, is is comming soon?
    2. I use external USB HDD. But after system start-up and running Amarok, the drive is not mounted. I have to use the device manager to open it in Dolphin, and then I can play some songs. Any hint to make the mounting done automaticaly?
    3. It is probably because of wrong loading theme. But I would like to have the same log-in screen as in official OS11.1 DVD. I was trying to change it but no success.
    4. The last problem I have had, occurs when I start Anasys.Fluent. The application seems running fine but the toolbars consists of dotted rectangulars instead of FILE etc. Do you know how to fix this, please?

    Thank you! Jan

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    Default Re: Kile for 4.2,auto-mount, font, log in


    I can only help you with point 1: currently kile is not ported to kde4 that are the bad news but the porting progress has already started KileForKDE4 - kile. In the meanwhile you can have a look at Texmaker : Free LaTeX Editor which is from some of the initial kile developers and is very similar to kile because of that.

    Hope this helps

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