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Thread: vpnc in knetworkmanager

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    I use knetwork manager. I have installed vpnc and want the vpn options to show in it. I am running kde4. Here are the packages I have installed but do not get the vpn option to create or connect to vpns when I right click on knetworkmanager. Am I missing something? Or do I have something installed I dont need?


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    Maybe I just need to uninstall networkmanager-vpnc-kde since I have the kde4 one already?

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    OK I figured it out. Had to go to edit conenction and then add new connection. There it had vpn option.

    Now does anyone know how to connect to a vpn with the gui?

    I can use terminal to connect and it works.

    This is the config file /etc/vpnc.conf

    IPSec gateway
    IPSec ID
    IPSec secret
    Xauth username

    Where do you put half this info in the gui so you can make a connection????

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    OK I finally got it to prompt for login. Its just really buggy. If you put in the incorrect group or user passowrd the first time it stops working until you reboot.

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