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Thread: "chmod 666 /usr/share/themes" erases contents of that folder

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    Default "chmod 666 /usr/share/themes" erases contents of that folder

    CHMOD allows permissions to be altered, but never before have I seen this command, on its own, summarily delete anything.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    (I am using SuSE 11.1, 64-bit edition, installed via SuSE repository rather than the DVD to obtain the latest versions.)

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    Default Re: "chmod 666 /usr/share/themes" erases contents of that fo

    Chmod 666 creates these permissions on a directory: drw-rw-rw-
    The bit that is switched off, often abbreviated "x", is the so-called "enter" bit. You have closed entry to "user/owner", to "group" and to "others"; i.e. to the "world". So it is behaving as you directed in your chmod command. Try 777. Here's a table for other options: Changing Ownership with chown and Permissions with chmod

    PS the contents are there -- you have simply made them non-viewable.
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    Default Re: "chmod 666 /usr/share/themes" erases contents of that fo

    Please, not 777 again. 755 perhaps. The x bit is called the search bit for directories.

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