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Thread: Minimizing Application Causes Problem

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    Default Minimizing Application Causes Problem


    I must have inadvertently changed a setting somewhere!

    When an application is active and maximized it shows in the as a iconic representation in the desktop panel (usually use 4 desktops are available) at the bottom of the screen in the panel.
    When I minimize the application all 4 desktops are just blank (there is no longer any icon). The problem being there is no indication that an application is running other than selecting the desktop and flipping through
    ALT + TAB.

    Can someone be as kind as to point me to something on how to change the behavior so that there is at least a visual representation that there is an application running in the background.

    I am using KDE/Compiz

    Thanks for your time
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    Default Re: Minimizing Application Causes Problem

    couple you have the 'panel' at the bottom (or side, top) of your desktop?

    is there a task manager (I think this is what it's called) 'widget' on the panel? if not, add it by right clicking on the panel and choosing add widget.


    P.S. This advice is making the assumption that by 'desktop panel' in your original post, you mean the four small squares that represent the 4 desktops.
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