i am having trouble with kde 4.2 on opensuse 11.1

i have widgets on my desktop that whenever i delete they return after reboot (see the screenshot included) all those file ones were links to locations in the filesystem. so the widgets on monitor 1 are bad but monitor 2 is fine.

i am not really sure why the settings arent saving to my profile correctly.

also apparently activities does it too because it keeps bringing back an activity that i didnt make (probably the default one, its called "plain desktop" and has the same widgets as the desktop i use) i can right click on this activity and delete it but then it comes back again on reboot.

that isnt as much of a problem since i dont use activities (they are definitely not designed for people with multiple monitors, it is completely unusable with 2 monitors because you could potencially get the widgets on each monitor switched when playing with activities.

any ideas how to fix this?