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Thread: "zypper update" vs "zypper dup"

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    Default Re: "zypper update" vs "zypper dup"

    In 11.1 they have
    changed this so that zypper up does the same as zypper up -t package.
    This is new info to me. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Default Re: "zypper update" vs "zypper dup"

    Quote Originally Posted by MD25 View Post
    I did a zypper dup to go from 11.0 to 11.1 on my laptop (after changing my repos from 11.0 to 11.1 and upgrading zypper separately). It worked like a charm: no conflict to solve and a system working without any problem after.

    When I wanted to upgrade the full distribution with the DVD before, most of the time there were so many conflicts that I ended reformating the system partition.

    Applause for the zypper team !!!
    Yeah! I definitely love it too. I hope more and more development will be done for this nice tool.

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