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Thread: Konsole like Tool in GNOME

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    I have installed Opensuse 11 on my laptop. When I first installed I chose KDE. Now I have again re installed but chose GNOME.
    In KDE, I could use Konsole for using some programs like sqlplus etc.

    (1) Is there a similar tool like Konsole in GNOME. If yes, Please tell me how to access it,

    (2) Can I install KDE and GNOME both on the same laptop. Is it possible to do that.

    Now I have GNOME. But I also want to use KDE.

    Are there any special instructions to do that? Is it possible? And how to switch between KDE and GNOME both if they both can be installed at the same time?
    The Opensuse Installer asks us to chose either KDE or GNOME , Not both of them.

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    Default Re: Konsole like Tool in GNOME

    You should have a menu item marked konsole to open a terminal. Another way is to type alt-f2 and type xterm.
    Once installed, you can add kde or gnome via yast>software.
    If you disable the auto login, you can choose which type of session you want on login.
    You can't use both in the same session.

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